Why should I use ATD for my specialty casting needs?
 We value you as a customer. ATD is here to serve you and make your manufacturing process the best that it can be. We are continually developing new techniques that enhance and streamline the manufacturing process. Our goal is to gain our customers' confidence by producing the best sand casting possible. We donít want to simply satisfy the requirements of the job we are hired to do - we want to make it the best it can be.

 Why the domain ATD965?
 Advanced Technology & Design was established in 1996 by 5 Journeyman Pattern Makers. These 5 men were simultaneously out of work due to a labor dispute. All of these members were highly skilled and could have easily found work anywhere in the city. Their vision was to establish a pattern shop that would pioneer new innovations and embrace modern technology as a tool to improve quality, speed and cost in the casting industry. As a tribute to their initiative, we recognize the year and founders with the domain ATD965.

Committed to Customer Service